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   About the company Datentechnik Reitz

The company CAD/CAM Systems 

Data technology Reitz GmbH & Co. KG from Breidenstein, near Marburg, has been offering CAD/CAM solutions for all areas of manufacturing since 1994.

At its location in Breidenstein, Datentechnik Reitz currently employs 10 people.
In addition, there are other field staff working for the company in the Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Hanover areas.

The development of the software takes place in England, Germany and Russia. Here another 50 employees are employed by the software manufacturer Sprut Technology.

Datentechnik Reitz offers its customers an integrated solution from the first presentation of the software, through the preparation of the quotation, installation and adaptation to the
machines of the customer, as well as training in your training rooms or at the customer’s premises.
The software is then also completely supported by Datentechnik Reitz.

Datentechnik Reitz has a 5-axis milling machine as well as a robot from Kuka to test the software on real parts and to provide the customer with a complete training.
to be able to show the processing with machine or robot live.

About the software

As distributor for the countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Datentechnik Reitz offers the CAM system Sprutcam and the corresponding CAD solution.
Over 600 customers have been acquired in these countries over the years. The software distinguishes mainly due to its high adaptation to the customer’s machine park.Thus milling machines as well as lathes and eroding machines can be controlled,
Cutting machine, or robot. The number of controllable axes is at this point
not limited. Additional axes such as rotary tables, rails or feed units can also be programmed.
Data from any CAD system can be used as the basis for programming.
In the 3D CAD system you can also create and manipulate your own contours. The interfaces to other systems range from Catia, to Inventor, Solidworks, Solidedge, etc.
up to Rhino, Megacad or NX. Fremformats like Parasolid, IGES, ACIS, STL etc. can also be read and edited.

Software strengths

The software is always programmed on the machine or robot model. The machine simulation is always present. This has the decisive advantage that collisions, travel limits, singularities or unfavorable movements are already recognized during programming, not only in the subsequent simulation. All
modules are developed by Sprutcam and all modules are operated in the same way. Whether lathe or robot. The surface is absolutely identical and there is no need to change between surfaces or different programs. The advantage for the customer is obvious. Simpler training and changes are really associative. So if the CAD model changes, this can also be changed up to the NC program. The numerous modules make it possible to support all technologies. A system change due to a new machine or new technology is not necessary.

Strengths of the company Datentechnik Reitz

All employees of Datentechnik Reitz have experience with CNC machines and/or robots. This has the decisive advantage that all employees are not only familiar with the software, but also with processing methods.
The company concentrates exclusively on the CAD/CAM market. And this for more than 20 years. Training can be carried out not only on the software, but also on the machine or on the robot. Thus we bring the practice into the CAD/CAM programming.
Datentechnik Reitz currently employs 4 programmers who take care of both the area of postprocessor programming and the area of special programming. So any special cases for customers can be programmed. For example the software “Mammut graphics” of the company Stutznäcker was completely programmed by Datentechnik Reitz. Further projects such as the development of serial number modules,
Nesting programs or CAD solutions were also implemented by Datentechnik Reitz.


A word from the managing director

It is our aim to offer our customers a solution around the topic CAD/CAM. If we can do this with our standard modules Sprutcam and Spaceclaim, all the better. But if special developments are necessary, we can realize this without any problems. This is where we differ from our competitors. In most cases, special developments in high-level languages are not feasible. The combination CAD/CAM with the
development of customer-specific needs is the key to success. Nowadays it is not possible to satisfy all customers with a standard software alone. There are more and more special applications beyond milling, turning and eroding. Be it the programming with robots, the marketing of an own CAD system, the control of welding machines, sewing machines or other CNC controlled systems. Together with our employees, we offer a solution for programming these systems. This is our objective.


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