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 manage your Tools …


import 3D Toolholder:

Import of 3D geometries from any portal or as STEP file from your 3D CAD system. Data can also be imported directly as STEP.

Cutting values:

import or independently create cutting values. These are transferred material-related into your CAM system and can be used.

Manage your components

Toolmanager is able to manage your components as complete tools, cutting inserts or tool components and to integrate them into your CAM system accordingly.

CRM systems

SQL-based CRM systems can be connected for procurement. Bidirectional interfaces enable the exchange between the individual systems.


You can assemble your tools either in your 3D CAD system or in our Toolmanager software. The individual components are managed as a parts list.


Magazine loading

Both in the turning area and in the milling area, the tools can be loaded on magazines. In this way, position numbers can be output in the CAM and problem areas can be recognised.

Cutting inserts

The cutting inserts can also be imported, or you can create the inserts in the tool manager via codes and the integrated wizards. Corresponding cutting values can be stored in relation to the material.

create Reports

Reports can be adapted via Excel according to the customer’s wishes. In addition to the graphic of the tools, the parts list is also output.

CAM independent

Optimised for SprutCAM but usable in any CAM system, our software is independent of the supplier and can also be integrated as a DLL.

ready for mobile

Tools can be loaded on request in our online portal. The tools in the portal are optimised for CAD/CAM use with cutting values and 3D models.


Materials can be entered or imported from databases. The materials can be assigned to tools and cutting values.

Turret Manager

The Turret Manager automatically creates turrets including the available connection points between tool and turret position. This makes it easier to assign the tool.

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